What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance can be defined as the insurance that covers the costs and losses related with traveling such as loss of luggage, delays, trip cancellation, and medical emergencies expenses like accidental death or injury and emergency medical evacuation while traveling in the foreign destination.

Travel insurance are divided into two broad categories-

-Trip cancellation insurance

-Travel medical insurance

Trip Cancellation Insurance:

It is applicable on the cases where you cancel your trip prior to your departure or you need to return back from your trip early due to some emergency or you somehow met with an accident or any other medical emergency takes place or you lose your luggage or you suffer from baggage delay. You will get your non- refundable amount reimbursed of your trip cost. And the travel agency help you pay for the additional expenses to make the required arrangements. T&C Apply.

Travel Medical Insurance:

Travel medical insurance usually doesn’t cover trip cancellation charges but focuses on medical benefits. It helps in better medical coverage in comparison of standard trip cancellation insurance. It is not restricted strictly to major medical emergencies and acts best if you are traveling for longer duration. T&C Apply.

Advantages of Travel Insurance -

-Financial remuneration for medical emergencies

-Cooperation in third party legal liability

- Personal accident

- Loss of travel documents such as passport or tickets

- Financial support

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